Our Story

The Meeting

You could say our story is a tale of serendipity. Lindsey had just moved back to MN from Montana and was in search of a job. Ben was enjoying the single life in St. Paul and working hard at his new position at National Wind. That particular day was the opening day of March Madness. What better excuse for a company sponsored happy hour? So Ben's boss Pat rallied the troops and everyone gathered at the local bar down the street. Right around that same time, Pat (who also happens to be Lindsey's dad) called his daughter and asked her to join them. Since Lindsey had just completed an interview a few blocks away, she decided she'd crash the party. When she arrived, she sat next to her dad and began discussing the games. A few minutes later, Ben arrived and took the only available seat - on the other side of Pat. When Ben and Lindsey struck up a conversation about Ben's Grease car, squash, and Lindsey's dog Summit, Pat felt a little like a third wheel and eventually left. Not wanting the conversations to end, Ben asked Lindsey on an impromptu date for that night under the guise of "giving her a tour of St. Paul." Having just moved to St. Paul for the first time (and of course wanting to get to know him more) she accepted and the rest, as they say, is history (or maybe serendipity).


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